International Institute of Christian Ministries

The International Institute of Christian Ministries is an umbrella under which various types of training can be offered that will fit within the purview of religious education, church leadership, global mission, and outreach.

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IICM Bulletin

List of Courses

IICM Core Modules:

Power Point Programs:

Children’s Religious Education

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Local Church Leadership

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Personal Evangelism

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Public Evangelism

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Adult Religious Education

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Community Services Curriculum

Updated May 2014


Introduction to IICM Community Services and Urban Ministry Curriculum (pdf)

IICM Community Services & Urban Ministry Sample Certificate

IICM Community Services & Urban Ministry Attendance Record

IICM  Community Services & Urban Ministry Schedule - Generic sample

IICM & Urban Ministry Promo Postcard

IICM CS-UMCP Handouts Generally Used


CS 01 Theological, Historical, and Ethical Concepts of Holistic Ministry
Teaching NotesCS 01 PowerPoint Presentation

Additional Reading:

CS 02 Community Assessment and Social Capital
Teaching NotesCS 02 PowerPoint Presentation



Addtional Reading

CS 03 Performance Measurement for Effective Ministry
Teaching NotesCS 03 PowerPoint Presentation

CS 03 Handouts


CS 03 Additional Reading

CS 04 Ministry Development & Strategic Planning
Teaching NotesCS 04 PowerPoint Presentation

CS 04 Handouts

CS 04 Additional Reading and PowerPoint

Case Study article about the W.C. Atkinson Memorial Community Service Center

CS 05 Technical Aspects of Community Serivces & Urban Ministry Content:

CS 05a Volunteer Engagement/Human Resources — Teaching Notes

CS 05b Finances & Accountability — Teaching Notes

CS 05c  Fundraising Fundamentals — Teaching Notes

CS 05d Grant Proposal Writing — Teaching Notes

CS 05e Risk Management & Legal Issues — Teaching Notes

CS 05f Centers of Influence 

CS 05g Medical Missionary Work —Comprehensive Health Ministry — PowerPoint

CS 06 Organizational Leadership and Team Development
Teaching NotesCS 06 PowerPoint Presentation

CS 06 Resources

CS 07 Ministering Across Cultures
Teaching NotesCS 07 PowerPoint Presentation

CS 07 Resources

Additional Reading

CS 08 Urban Mission 101

CS 08 Resources


CS 09 Essentials of Church Disaster Preparedness and Response
Teaching NotesCS 09 PowerPoint Presentation

Youth and Young Adult Religious Education

Power Point Programs:
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