• Prayer

  • Experiencing God through Prayer and Praise
  • Praying for Rain
  • Ten Days in the Upper Room by Mark Finley


The Personal Ministries Leaflet series presents practical guidance, based on the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, on implementing church life and mission.

  • Studying Together by Mark Finley

  • Light Your World for God by Enerstine and Mark Finley

Here, in one location, is all you need to develop and run a vital, transformational Sabbath School. Whether you’re a superintendent, a teacher, a secretary or an investment leader, you’ll find clear, specific guidelines in the Sabbath School Handbook and series of Sabbath School leaflets.



  • Happy Family Bible Seminars By Gordon Waveny Martinbroug

  • 1752 Evagelism Guide (available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongoloian)

  • Discover Bible (Voice of Prophecy)


  • New Pictorial Aid for Bible Study

  • Revelation of Hope Prophecy Seminar

  • End-Time Messages From Jesus Evangelistic sermons

  • New Beginnings Evangelism DVD

  • Discoveries in Prophecies


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