Special Needs

The mission of Special Needs Ministries is to bring all members into the work of Christ. In order to promote full inclusion of members with disabilities, it is important to focus on each person’s abilities, talents, and relationship with God. Special Needs Ministries blends the services of those with a disability with those who do not have a disability into a bond of ministry, each returning to God the talents and gifts He has bestowed.


Special Needs Ministries does not stand alone. Rather, it supports every other ministry because people with special needs should be involved in every ministry in the church. The church should view Special Needs Ministries as an artery that carries life-giving blood to the entire church body.


Special Needs Leaflet

The commission of Jesus Christ compels us to lead others to accept Him as personal Savior, to unite with His church, and nurture them in preparation for His soon return. There are no exceptions to this commission, and this Special Needs Ministries booklet provides specific ways in which the local church may become truly and fully inclusive it its mission. Download the leaflet.

A Quick Guide to Deaf Ministry

For many disabled persons the church has been literally a 'city on a hill'--physically in accessible and socially in hospitable. While many Deaf do not consider themselves disabled, many find participation in worship and involvement in the church's social activities less than inclusive. Seldom is this intentional. The need for intentional inclusiveness is a pressing need the global church must face and remedy. Download the leaflet.

Ministering to Families Affected by Autism

Summarizing the challenges—and opportunities—of serving parents of autistic children. Download the article.

Ministering to and Through Blind and Deaf Individuals

An overview of the ways in which a local church may address the needs of those who are blind and deaf. Download the article.

Outsiders in a Hearing Church

Ways in which a congregation may be made more aware of ministry to the deaf. Download the article.

Improved Ministry for the Deaf

Some often overlooked approaches to including the deaf in the church family. Download the article.

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